“ he was little or nothing but life.”
what does this statement mean?

Rob (or is it Ben?) --

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um.. my name is not ben it is rob! and I just needed help! I did not want the answer I just wanted a push in the right dirrection cuz i don't know what this stament might mean. But I have a guess! the only thing that kept this person going was life?

Your interpretation makes more sense than anything I could guess! It doesn't make much sense to me. Do you know the author or speaker of this statement? What context it was written or spoken? Sometimes knowing those things helps to understand.


I would think of all the things that "life" is... both good and bad, beautiful and ugly. Then I would look at the character and see how he fit that type of statement.

It sounds like a person in solitary confinement for life.

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asked by rob!

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