I left out a few more doubts. Thank you very much.

1)Can you use the plural form with the word family? Example: When my family were speaking? (is it a mistake??)
2)I had lunch and then I got ready to go out.
3)They will use nearly only their motorbikes. They will use the plane to fly back to London.
4)an you use the word "bike" meaning "motorbike"?
They journey will end in the USA, more precisely in New York.
5) When I arrived at school, I greeted my friends and I entered the school (does this sentence make sense?)
6) "We are doing this journey for chaarity",adds Simon. "Lots of our friends have sponsored us and if the journey goes well, we'll raise a lot of money for UNICEF".
Question: Will they get money from friends if they complete the trip? Yes, they will but they will raise it for UNICEF. (Is it correct?)
7) I may support a charity during next years (is it correct?)

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asked by Henry1
  1. 1. It is a mistake because "family" is a collective unit and therefore IS.

    4. Yes, if it's clear to everyone that that IS the antecedent.
    THEIR journey OR They will end the journey...
    5) OK
    6) spelling "charity"
    Question = corect
    7) during next year (singular) OR during the next few years (plural)


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