I have trouble writing pseudo codes, while and for loops.
Please help.

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asked by Diana
  1. Assistance needed.

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  2. Pseudocodes are basically programming in English, describing exactly what you would do to solve the problem, without the constraint of syntax of languages.

    Loops are repetitive tasks that allow you to find information you need, getting off the loop once the information is found.

    If you want, you can post a pseudocode to find a particular listing from a telephone book, or a word from a paper dictionary. We will be able to better help you where help is needed.


    1. The best way to learn to code is to read example codes in textbooks, class notes, or tutorials.
    2. In case there code that is hard to understand, or concepts difficult to grasp, post the example, or concept for explanations.

    I would have posted some tutorial sites for you if I knew the language in which you programme. You can easily google a few, and if you need recommendations, post again.

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    posted by MathMate

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