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Hello, I have a question for the question to solve, hope your company can help ....

A wife has been carrying out fasakh the in shariah court. Then she was moved out of the house. Her husband, work as an employee of the practice of Islam does not agree with her actions and accused his wife nusyuz. He said his wife was not tolerated and
have a negative attitude. Based on the hadith, in which explained that the woman
are the majority in the hell is' because you're too much complaining and be thankful
for your husband. "She moved out by saying that he was in the right when he files for fasakh. In addition, it will be great and will not stabilize emotions or increased stress when she living with someone he does not like. said his wife again, he now able to live alone and live a better life. The question is, who is right and why?

Thank you ...

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asked by syah

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