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Is same-sex marriage going to create issues in our society? Same-sex marriages will most likely produce issues in many political agendas. Religious leadership of Abrahamic faith everywhere will also be confrontational about same-sex marriage. This could be very hard for churches and Christians because they have such strong views on same-sex marriages. Christians who accepts the word of God are the ultimate authority in their lives, so the answer lies in the Bible. Churches take a high view of same-sex marriage and human sexuality. If same-sex marriage was allowed it would be like changing the definition of marriage, and it would lose its meaning same-sex marriage will also weaken the traditional family values on our society. There has been a lot of research shows that, the gay lifestyle should not be encouraged because it leads to a much lower life expectancy, psychological disorders and other problems. Same-sex marriage should not be legal.

The History of Same-Sex Marriages

Same-sex marriage has a short but heated history in the e United Sates. It had come to the national attention in the 1993 Hawaii case, where judges found that the state’s constitution felt there was no reason not to extend to the gay equal marriage rights after this ruling the congress had to push through the 1996 defense of Marriage Act, this prevented same-sex couples from receiving benefits by marriage. Since then, States have struggled to find their own stance on the issue, in addiction some states are reconsider the civil unions and domestic partnerships. Same-sex marriage supporters have had some relief, when the Massachusetts Supreme Court ruled that gays had equal marriage rights. But people that are opposing it are winning the legislative fight. So far Twenty-states have passed to ban gay marriages, when only ten states have allowed the rights for same-sex marriages. The voting polls have shown that the majority of Americans including Californians are still against same-sex marriages. In the 2003 Massachusetts and 13 other states passed the anti-gay-marriage initiatives in the election.
In 1996 President Bill Clinton signs the defense of Marriage Act, denying same-sex couples and federal marriage rights.
In 2003 Massachusetts Supreme Court rules that denying marriage rights violates the state’s constitution.
In 20004 thirteen states pass measures defining marriage as between a man and a woman
In 2008 California Supreme Court overturns gay-marriage ban.
If same-sex marriage is allowed it’s going to set a bad influence on society. The word marriage would lose its meaning, marriage and families are the foundation for a healthier society. Society is already experiencing the effects of unhealthily heterosexual marriages, allowing same-sex marriage will just add to the instability that is already marriage. Social Scientists “research indicates it would be healthier for children, to be raised by a mother and father. If they start teaching about same-sex marriage, it could bring great confusing to young children. And it will take away the true meaning of marriage. Church’s fear that same-sex marriages will destroy God’s intentions, if they allow same-sex marriage in the church, how would it be possible for the poster to peach that homosexuality is sin? When they have same-sex couples going to their church, God makes it clear in the Bible that it’s a sin. Same-sex marriages will decays families; the Implications for the children in the world are decaying are profound. There is a recent article that explains about how the advent of the legally sanctioned gay unions in Scandinavian countries, that gay- marriage have destroyed in the institution of marriage, when half of the children are born out of wedlock. Social scientists have been warned against the fractured family, they say if it continues almost every child will have many “mom” and “dads” or even six or more “grandparents” also dozens of half-siblings. If they allow gay-marriages every public in the nation will be required to tech that is kind of behavior is perversion also that is it moral equivalent of the meaning of marriage. Children as young as kindergarten will have to make equal space for homosexuality, If it’s allowed children will start being placed in gay-marriage households, the courts will not be able to favor the traditional family, involving one man and one woman over homosexual couples, when it comes to adoption. Foster- care parents will be told they have, to do “sensitivity training” to prepare their self’s of the bias in favor of the traditional marriage. Also they would have to affirm homosexuality in children and teens. It will speed quicker to other countries, just like !@#$%^&ography did after the Nixon Commission ruled obscene material “beneficial” to mankind. Almost 11 instantly, the English-speaking countries changed their laws against smut. Therefore America continues to be the fountainhead of the filth and immorality, and it influence in global. At this rate the leaders in other nations are watching closely to see how people are handling the issue of homosexuality. They are only two countries that have authorized gay-marriages; Canada is leaning towards it as well. Dr. Darrell Reid, who is the president of the Focus on the Family, had said they are carefully watching the United States to see where things are going. Also he feels if they take the step of allowing same-sex marriages, families all over the world will splinter at an accelerated rate. The United States Supreme Court has made things clear that it looks to the European and Canadian law is the interpretation of our constitution. Dr. Darrell Reid thinks that there should have been grounds for impeachment, but Congress will remain passive and silent. Gay Marriage (2008).

Voting to Ban Same-sex marriage: Interest, Values, and communities

In 2000 through 2008 many Americans where proposing to ban same-sex marriages, this was taken place in twenty-eight states. But the Americans that were against same-sex marriages scored the most in some cases, the voting outcome were substantially at some level. Many Americans have such strong attitudes towards homosexuality and their rights, has become increasing liberal (Loftus 2001.) The General Social Survey data says as of 1990 over seventy-five Americans, through those same sexual effects of two adults of the same-sex are “always wrong” also by 2004 the percentage dropped to 57.6. Even through majority of the Americans continue to see homosexuality as being wrong. The Marriage Act in 1996, which says marriage is “a Legal union between one man and one woman also states do not have to recognize same-sex marriages are granted in other states. Bill Clinton was the Democratic President at the time, also he sign the bill to pass the law to ban same-sex marriage. In 2008 thirty States had to ban same-sex marriages. The table below shows opponents of same-sex marriage scored lopsided in most cases. There was only one state that defeated to ban same-sex marriage, which was Arizona, but two years later Arizona approved a constitutional amendment to banning same-sex marriage. McVeigh, R., & Diaz, M. D. (2009).

State Year Same-sex County County County County
Marriage Ban Mean SD Minimum Maximum
Alaska 1998 68.1 NA NA NA NA
Hawaii 1998 69.2 69.5 2.5 67.3 73.0
California 2000 61.4 66.5 12.1 31.9 82.2
Nebraska 2000 70.1 80.4 5.5 59.2 91.3
Nevada 2000 69.6 75.3 5.7 63.3 85.5
Arkansas 2004 75.0 77.8 4.0 65.4 84.3
Georgia 2004 76.2 84.8 5.8 5.8 84.3
Kentucky 2004 74.5 83.0 7.3 57.1 93.8

Marriage as culture

Marriage is, and has been for millennia, the institution that forms and upholds for society. The cultural and social values and symbols related to procreation. That is, it establishes the values of human life to the next generation and the nurturing of that life in a basic societal unit. Our society marks out the relationship of two people who will together transmit human life, to the next generation and the nature to protect that life. To change the definition of marriage to include same-sex couples, will destroy its capacity to function in the ways outlined above. Because it will no longer represent the inherently procreative relationships of opposite –sex pair-bonding, It will change the essence and nature of marriage as the principal societal institution establishing the norms that govern procreation. Marriage involves public recognition of the spouses’ relationships and commitment to each other. But the recognition is for the purpose of institutionalizing the proactive relationship in order for the govern, to transmission of human life and to protect and promote that well-being of the family. It is not just for recognition of the relationships just for its own sake or for the sake of the partners to marriage, as it would necessarily become were marriage to be extended to include same-sex couples.

Reproduction is the fundamental occurrence on which, ultimately, of the future of human life depends. This is the primary reason why marriages are important to our society. In highly individualistic societies, we tend to look at only its importance to individuals, which is necessary but not sufficient in deciding on the future of marriage. People that have advocating same-sex marriages argue that we should accept, that the primary purpose of marriage is to give social and public recognition to an intimate relationship between two people, and therefore to exclude same-sex couples is discrimination. And they are right if the primary purpose of marriage is to protect an intimate pair-bond, but they aren’t right if its primary purpose is to protect the inherently procreative relationship of opposite-sex pair- bonding or to protect an intimate relationship for the purposes of its procreative potential. When marriage is limited to opposite-sex couples, there is no need to be chosen between these purposes, because they are compatible with each other and promote the same goal. But the same isn’t true if marriage is extended to include same-sex couples. This would be necessarily to eliminate marriages’ role in symbolism and protecting the procreative relationships. Now we need the procreative symbolizing of marriage more than in the past, because of the new technoscience possibilities for transmitting life, if people believe that, ethically, there should be limits on the use of these technologies. The culture is what marks us as human, it is what distinguishes us and allows us to distinguish ourselves from other animals and, in the future from intelligent machines, in the past religion was used as an important forum of force, on the foundation of culture. This was done by shared values through religion, this is not possible in a secular society, one will result is that it will make it more difficult to find consensus on values. We must create a societal-cultural, we must find values, principles, attitudes, beliefs, and myths, “The Shared story” through they will find values and meaning of life as both individuals and society. The societal-cultural has focused on one of the two greatest events of every human life: birth and death. Marriage is a central part of the culture that surrounds birth; people must establish it through secular means. This is one of the biggest reasons why the legal recognition of marriage is important. Somerville (2003)

Mutual Respect

There are a couple of reason for excluding same-sex couples from marriage matters: if the reason was for not allowing same-sex marriage, was the fact that there is no respect for homosexuals and their relationships, or want to say that homosexuality is wrong then the exclusion of same-sex couples from marriage is not ethically acceptable from the perspective of respect for homosexuals and their relationships, plus it is discrimination. But if the reason is to keep the nature, and substance of marriage intact and to protect the inherently procreative relationship. Than excluding same-sex couples for marrying, is acceptable form the perspective of respect for them and it is not discrimination. Also there must be respect for religious beliefs, because some people disagree with same-sex couples base on their beliefs, therefore people need to understand what they are in order, to understand the impact on the people who hold them. People must ask their self’s which approach to marriage best accommodates mutual respect. Both sides must realize that they can only demand respect from their opponents if they give it.

Legal Developments in marriage laws for same-sex couples

Legal planning is always good for couples; on the other hand same-sex couples are truly vital. Due to that fact some states do not recognize same-sex couple; they did to be aware of the state laws on marriage, as well as the issues of relating to parenting, legal and financial decision making. They have been many developments over the past years, and same-sex couples should be aware of the fact that there are different laws, in all fifty states. Also every state has their own laws on how same-sex couples, lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender individuals are treated. Only five states have granted same-sex couples to marry, only eight states and the District of Columbia give same-sex couples to have right to register as partners in civil unions and domestic partnerships that provide all of the substantive rights, under the state law. As a result of the conflicting state laws, the act of same-sex couples crossing state line will have legal consequences. This also include with same-couple travel for a day or even moving to another state. This means just because same-sex couples are married legally one sate, does not mean another state has to recognize it. Since April 2009, Iowa has allowed same-sex couples to marry. but after the Iowa Supreme Court struck down statutory on ban marriage for same-sex couples. Maine has granted same-sex couples to enter into the domestic partnership, has had limited their rights since 2004. In Massachusetts same-sex couples have been able to marry since May 2004, but the Supreme Court to be the first in the country to shut down a state ban on gay marriages. Minter, S., & Stoll, C. (2010).

Should Same-Sex Marriages Be Legalized?


• Denying them a civil and religious marriages are two different institutions.
• Marriage benefits- Joint ownership, medical decision.
• Denying theses marriage is like discrimination.
• Many people think it does not hurt anyone or society.
• People think it will encourage having strong family values, also giving up high-risk sexual lifestyles.
• The same financial benefits should apply man and woman marriages.

• Many religious considers homosexuality a sin.
• Many believe it will weaken the respect for the meaning of marriage.
• It has been proven by many researchers that have a gay lifestyle could lead to much lower life expectancy.

Why Gay Marriage Should Be Legal

Most Americans do not see anything wrong with same-sex marriage, so there they are not sure why people are making a big deal about it. So what’s the big deal? If two people love each other and want to live their lives together, why can’t they have the same rights? Some people are saying that marriage is so much greater than the commitment of two people. Then there are those that are saying children are better off, raised in a male-female household. There’s no fact that this is the truth, it’s not the point. Many people will marry and not even have children, both gays and straight. Most of the arguments people are having over same-sex marriages are flawed and reactionary, most Americans agree that the ban on interracial marriage is nothing more than a prejudice at work. In the future many people will look back on these arguments against same-sex marriages and see, that there’s nothing wrong with same-sex marriages.(Begle, 2004).

The rainbow flag has been used to point for the rights of gay marriages, since the late seventies. Gay groups from all over have been fighting for their right, for many years. Before they designed the flag it was designed for San Francisco Gay and Lesbian Freedom Day parade. The main purpose for the flag was to support gay rights issues and fight prejudice, although many of the rights have won and have overcome, what has been emerged is a cultural attitude to homosexuality as something separate form normal society. The main part of the fight for gay marriage is to acknowledge that gay couples are just like any other couple. An argument that gay couples are fighting is that marriage will ensure visitation rights and next-of-kin for the gay couples in the case of illness. History shows that there has been a gay community for a long time; studies show that the gay culture shows the extent people have gone to protect their safety. Gay groups have created their own rainbow jewelry and the flag; there are different colors that are introduced as the symbol of the gay flag. Pink is for sex, Red is for life, Orange is for healing, Yellow is for sun, Green is for nature, Turquoise is for art, indigo is for harmony and violet is for spirit.

Our society needs marriage to establish the cultural meaning, symbolism and moral values around the inherently procreative relationship between man and woman. And to protect that relationship and the children who are going to result from it. It is more necessary than in the past, when alternatives to when sexual reproduction were not available. Redefining marriage to include same-sex marriage would affect its cultural meaning and in doing so, it will damage its children who result from it, whether those children’s future sexual orientation proves to be homosexual or heterosexual. Therefore same-sex marriages should not be legal.
Somerville (2003)

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