pre calc

cos2x=cosx in interval of [0,2pie]

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  1. cos2x-cosx=0
    expand the left hand side
    2cos²(x)-1 - cos(x)=0
    substitute c=cos(x)
    =-1 or 1/2
    cos(x)=-1 when x=π (0≤x≤2π)
    cos(x)=1/2 when x=π/3 or x=5π/3 (0≤x≤2π)

    Substitute each of the three solution into the original equation to make sure that the solutions are acceptable.

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  2. Reiny is right.
    There was a mistake in the solution of the quadratic.

    =1 or -1/2
    cos(x)=1 when x=0 or 2π (0≤x≤2π)
    cos(x)=-1/2 when x=π±π/3 (0≤x≤2π)

    Substitute each of the three solution into the original equation to make sure that the solutions are acceptable.

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