english vocab

hey this is alans sister and i need some help with some of my homework also and the questions below i don't understand either. we both are always assigned big huge packets from our mean teachers and we don't want to get a low grade from some of our assignments so when we cant do any of the work and all else fails we come to this site for help.

1. Students found her ____________ lecture hard to follow.
A. meticulous
B. honorary
C. cogent
D. discursive

2. Everything about Carlos's financial situation seemed _________ for getting the loan he needed.
A. slovenly
B. bodacious
C. dour
D. propitious

3. Josie's __________ experience in the convent chapel led her to choose a religious life.
A. ineffable
B. ingratiating
C. maladroit
D. petulant

4. The ___________ team seemed to suffer one unlucky defeat and injury after another.
A. ineffable
B. fulsome
C. inevitable
D. hapless

5. In Charlie's adolescent years, the _________ of his existence cost him his self-confidence.
A. acerbity
B. vagaries
C. serenity
D. biliousness

6. The _________ old apple seller on the street corner used to scare Sarah.
A. copasetic
B. pulchritudinous
C. wizened
D. transmogrified

7. The judge severely ____________ his clerks for telling the press about the defendant's case.
A. chastised
B. obligated
C. inhibited
D. aggravated

8. Jessica gave a ___________ account of the conversation she'd had with the police.
A. verbatim
B. decorous
C. dilatory
D. munificent

9. John's _____________ praise of his coach was part of his plan to get onto the team.
A. innocuous
B. fulsome
C. cognizant
D. ostensible

10. Aunt Clara delivered a beautiful ____________ at Grandmother's funeral.
A. solipsism
B. eulogy
C. ineptitude
D. soubriquet

11. His __________ crimes against the state were well chronicled in the daily papers.
A. propitious
B. querulous
C. blatant
D. amorous

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  1. Hi Tammy. The best way to get a good grade on this assignment and any future quizzes on these words is to do it yourself. Look the words up in a dictionary, such as http://dictionary.reference.com/.

    If you post your answers, we'll be glad to check them for you.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. well i do use the dictionary websites they have out but i don't find them very helpful. some of the words almost have the same meaning as the other words. do you think you can answer just some of the questions you know because any amount of help is great for me.

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  3. 1. Look for the word that means rambling or jumping from subject to subject.

    2. The word means favorable.

    3. The word means incapable of being described.

    4. The word means unlucky.

    5. The word means unpredictable or erratic action.

    I found these definitions in Dictionary.com.

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    Ms. Sue

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