this is a portion of my english homework that i cant do. i was assigned over 100 questions and these are the ones i need the most help with and i need to turn it in in like an hour so any help would be great :-)

1. Which is not a sentence fragment?
A. Because I knew she would have gone.
B. Although he wanted to go with Molly, he went with Sue.
C. Running down the street during the early morning.
D. While I was there.

2. Which is not a sentence fragment?
A. My friend is going to visit me next week.
B. After she saw that.
C. By wondering if she was right.
D. In front of the building down the street.

3. Which is not a sentence fragment?
A. When she saw the dog at the animal shelter, after she finished jogging.
B. Before going to the park.
C. Although I liked the color of the walls in the room, I decided to paint them a different color.
D. Many of my friends running down the street.

4. Which is not a sentence fragment?
A. Which the man bought immediately.
B. Before the cat ate his dinner.
C. Buying the chair was a good idea.
D. Sitting all day long.

5. Which is not a sentence fragment?

A. While driving his brother's motorcycle around the block, Fred decided that he would buy a motorcycle for himself.
B. Before going to the movie.
C. Since Marty liked it.
D. After the song.

6. Which is not a sentence fragment?
A. By the time Dottie wrote the letter.
B. Terri liked taking swimming lessons.
C. Because he didn't want her to go.
D. To buy six new video games.

7. Which is not a sentence fragment?
A. Learning the words to the song was difficult for her.
B. To jump that high in the air.
C. Even though he liked it.
D. In the backyard where she had left it.

8. Which is not a sentence fragment?
A. Trying to go early.
B. By the time I woke up, he was gone.
C. Finding a parking place at the movie theatre.
D. Who is the one that came in last.

9. Which is not a sentence fragment?
A. After walking down the street.
B. Who left it on the top step.
C. Hoping he gave good advice.
D. His sister saw Tyler run next door.

10. Which is not a sentence fragment?
A. Watching her cat climb the wall.
B. Sitting across the table.
C. By thinking about it.
D. Buying the hat was a great idea.

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  1. I'll get you started.

    A sentence fragment is a group of words that does not express a complete thought. For instance, in the first question, this is NOT a sentence fragment: B. Although he wanted to go with Molly, he went with Sue. It has an independent clause, "he went with Sue;" the first clause is a subordinate or dependent clause.

    In the second problem, this is the only one that is NOT a sentence fragment: A. My friend is going to visit me next week.

    Study this site about sentence fragments. Then try to do the rest of these yourself. If you post your answers, we'll be glad to check them for you.


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    Ms. Sue
  2. 1. b
    2. a
    3. c
    4. c
    5. a
    6. b
    7. a
    8. b
    9. d
    10. d

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  3. Yay! They are all correct! :-)

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    Ms. Sue
  4. b

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