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i have an assignment that i have to email back my friend on identifying minerals.

the trouble is how do i write this assignment in "EMAIL FORM"

could you helped me please very please...i already finished my assignment now i just have to turn the write up in the form of an email

my assignment:

The properties used to identify minerals are:
• Crystal Form: The shape that the crystal faces (flat sides).
• Cleavage: The number of directions a mineral break.
• Hardness: Use Moh’s hardness scale numbered 1-10. Diamond is 10 (hardest) and Talc is 1 (softest). Use iron, glass, copper, and fingernail.
• Luster: How the surface of a mineral reflects light. Vitreous? Waxy? Pearly? Earthy? Metallic? Greasy?
• Streak: The color of the mineral in powdered form. Rub mineral on a piece of white porcelain and determine its color.
• Color: Most minerals have a distinctive color that can be used for identification (NOT very reliable).
• Specific Gravity: The density of the mineral compared to the density of water.
• Magnetism: Is it magnetic?
• Reaction with HCl: Does it fizzes when HCl comes in contact?

How to tell the difference between:

Calcite and Halite
The main difference between calcite and halite is that calcite reacts with acid and halite doesn’t. Another difference is their hardness. Calcite is 3 and Halite is 2.5.

Pyroxene and Amphibole
It’s difficult to tell whether it is pyroxene or amphibole because their properties are very much similar. The differences between pyroxene and amphibole are their crystal form and cleavage. Pyroxene has stubby crystals and amphibole has long crystals. Pyroxene has 2 excellent cleavages at 90 ° and amphibole has 2 excellent at 56 °.

Biotite and Muscovite
The major difference between biotite and muscovite is their color. Biotite is black or brown-black and muscovite is white or yellow. Also their streaks are different as well. Biotite has a grey or brown streak and muscovite has a white streak.

Bornite and Fluorite
There are many differences between bornite and fluorite. Bornite streak is grey-black and fluorite is white. Bornite is metallic and fluorite is vitreous. Bornite has dense brittle masses and fluorite has cubic crystals and fluorescent. Bornite has no cleavage and fluorite has 4 excellent cleavages. Bornite is denser than fluorite.

Gold and Pyrite
Gold has a yellow streak and Pyrite has a greenish black streak. Gold has flakes, grains, and is malleable while pyrite has cubic crystals. Gold hardness is 2.5-3.0 and pyrite is 6.0-6.5. Gold density is 19 and pyrite is 5.0. Gold is about 4 times denser than pyrite.

Galena and Sphalerite
Galena color is lead-grey and sphalerite is brown to yellow. Galena has a grey-black streak and sphalerite has a brown to yellow streak. Galena crystal form is cubes or massive and sphalerite has tetrahedral crystals. Galena has 3 perfect cleavages and sphalerite has 6 perfect. Galena hardness is 2.5 and sphalerite is 3.5-4.0. Galena density is 7.6 and sphalerite is 4.0.

Malachite and Olivine
Malachite has a pale green streak and olivine has a white or grey streak. Malachite luster is earthy and olivine is vitreous. Malachite reacts to acid and olivine does not. Malachite hardness is 3.5-4.0 and olivine hardness is 6.5. Malachite density is 3.6-4.0 and olivine density is 3.3.

please help and thank you i really appreciate it

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  1. I don't understand the problem. Email clients have their own forms/formats, so all you need to do is copy and paste what you wrote up into a blank email form and add your friend's email address and something appropriate on the subject line.

    From: <your email address would be inserted here>
    To: <your friend's email address would be inserted here>
    Date: <today's date>
    Subject: Identifying minerals

    <copy and paste what you wrote up>

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  2. Why did you repost this?? Mathmate posted an excellent answer almost two hours ago?

    When you receive a response on a post, it would be courteous to read it and respond to the volunteer who took the time and effort to try and help you!

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    Ms. Sue
  3. http://www.jiskha.com/display.cgi?id=1303772171

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    Ms. Sue
  4. sorry maybe i didn't explain my assignment well enough
    i`m pretending that my friend send me an email for help on identifying minerals. i have to send him back an email with that info but in the form of an email like how you write a letter to someone just not too formal.
    is this clear enough? i hope

    so i need help how to write this...any suggestions...anything

    please help and thank you

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  5. yes but i'm still not really sure how to write it...i kinda get it but not really sure how to

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  6. Just write it, using the great suggestions made by both Writeacher and Mathmate.

    We are not going to do it for you.

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    Ms. Sue

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