Earth Science

My experiment was to measure the float of a tongue depressor down a river.
The mins it took the tongue depressor to float from point A to B and the depth of the river on those days. The meter represnt how depth/wide that point of the river was on that day.

This is the raw data we go from the river:

April 4 2:52 mins 1.55meters
Apri 5 2:40 mins 1.63meters
April 6 2:06 mins 1.7meters
April 11 1:17 mins 1.86meters
April 12 :59 mins 1.82meters
April 13 1:10 mins 1.8meter

My instructor want me to measure flow of the river using my data and convert the above information into cubic meter per second. I'm then to take my data and graph it comparing between US geological data for this same river.

Can someone help me please?

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