Social Studies

Why do you think the ideas of Marxism were mostly not realized in the actual experiences of socialist countries?

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  1. Greed, power, selfishness, and ineptness overruled Marxist ideals.

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    Ms. Sue
  2. I kind of see what you mean, but I don't get how to write about that in like a paragraph. Can you please expand a little more on your thought. Thank you

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  3. Hey. Have you tried reading up on Stalin? Think about his purges and how he persecuted political opponants.

    Is this an essay? If so do a paragraph on each of the main ideals Marx wrote on and compare this too real experiences in communist countries like Stalins russia, china etc

    If it isn't a essay do a paragraph and talk about how marxist ideas were generally corrupted

    Does this help

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  4. Hey Sasha actually it only had to be a paragraph (thank god haha), but what you said was very helpful. I appreciate the help very much so. Thank you :)

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  5. My pleasure

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