Please help to convert the following(Show work please!!!

1.62500 Grams to kilograms
62500 Grams to Pounds
62500 Grams to Ounces

2.44500 Centimeters to meters
44500 Centimeters to yards
44500 Centimeters to Inches

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  1. 1.62300 g (1 kg/1000 g) = 1.62300 *10^-3 kg

    times (2.24 lb/ 1000 g) --> lb

    then times (16 oz/ 1lb) ---> oz

    times (1 m/100cm)

    times(1m/100cm)(3.38 ft/1 m) (1 yd/3 ft)

    previous answer * (36 in / yd)

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  2. 2.204 pounds/kg

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  3. 1000 g = 1 kg
    62500 g = 62.5 kg

    1 gram = 0.0022 pounds
    62500 g = 137.5 pounds

    1 gram = 0.0353 ounces
    62500 g = 2206.25 ounces

    I'm sure you can do the other three problems.

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    Ms. Sue
  4. Not really..Your input will also help on the other three problems.Thanks!!

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  5. i fiqured it out..Thank you for your help.

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  6. Damon showed you how to do the other three problems.

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    Ms. Sue

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