Can you help me check these sentences, please? I included the doubts in brackets.

1) Last year we had a vacation in the mountains.
2) I spent the time of the journey listening to music. (or During the journey/trip I spent time listening to music)
3) We had lunch and dinner at (not in) the restaurant.
4) During this vacation I visited a very large, imposing (not strong) castle which in the past could easily be defedend against attack (?).
5) I climbed on the highest summits of onte Rosa. Here there was the highest shelter of Europe.
6) I went to Sicily because my Sicilian cousin invited me to his wedding.
7) We boarded the plane in Turin and we landed in Catania.
Then we moved by car (better we drove) from Catania to a little village, where my cousin's girlfriend lived.
8) We rented a little apartment there. It was cheap but very nice and comfortable with a large double bed and a smaller one, a soft (?) sofa, a desk nd a big wardrobe.

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  1. 2) The one in parentheses reads better

    4) defwedend is spelled defended

    5) onte?

    7) Yes, better "we drove"

    8) nd = and


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