Math(can you just check my answer please)

Lines x and y intersect to form angles 1,2,3, and 4. The measure of angle 3 is (3x - 9) and angle 4 is 111 degrees.
Can you help me make a equation
I think the equation is 3x-9 + 11 = 180
is this correct

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  1. Implied in the question is that angles 1,2,3,4 are in either clockwise or counter-clockwise order.

    If that is true, then angles 3 and 4 are adjacent and supplementary (add up to 180°).

    The proposed equation is correct if the two angles are adjacent:
    3x-9 + 111 = 180
    (note correction in typo).

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  2. ¡çLMN and ¡çNMO are adjacent angles that share MN
    as a side. Together, those two angles form ¡çLMO.
    What equation can you write that shows the relationship between m¡çLMN , m¡çNMO , and m¡çLMO

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