write each equation in its equivalent logarithmic form 8 7=300

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  1. If there is anything about log, it is logarithmic

    So take the log of both sides,
    log 300 = log 8y

    Writing 300 as 3*100,
    log(3*100)=log 8y

    Using log(AB) = log A+log B,
    log 3+log100=log 8+log y

    Because log 100=2,
    log 3+2=log 8+log y

    Rearrange: log 8-log 3=log y-2

    By log(A/B)=log A-log B,
    log (8/3)=log y-2

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  2. Write 8y = 300 in its equivalent logarithmic form

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