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Why are mandates such a cause of friction in intergovernmental relations?

This is an essay question I am working on and am stuck as to some of the major points to highlight. Any assistance would be appreciated in getting me started.

asked by Keith
  1. Often mandates direct details that local governments are not happy to comply with, such as equal treatment with regard to race, gender. Or such as providing attornies for indigents in criminal (or civil) cases. Or for providing birth control information to pregnant teens, and so on.
    Sometimes mandates are requirements not funded, which really puts pressure on local and state governments, and the so called No Child left Behind legislation comes to mind on that.
    Sometimes mandates require social or cultural change, and localities are not happy to change. Judical mandates that come to mind are Roe vs Wade, Brown vs Board of Education. Legislative mandates that come to mind are the Civil Rights act of 1964, and the Equal Opportunity provision of that law.
    A call to your county administrator will get you an earful on this subject also.
    Good luck, it sounds like a challenging assignment.

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