A plumber charges $45 for a service call, plus $70/h for her time.

a. Find the cost of a two hour service call.

b. How long was a services call that cost $150?

Also .......

as the weight held by a spring increases, the length of the spring increase proportionally. suppose a 2-lb weight stretches a spring to 15 in., and a 12-lb weight stretches the same spring to 20 in. what is the length of the spring with no weight attached?

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  1. a. C = 45 + 70*1 = $115 = Cost.

    b. 45 + 70X = $150,
    70X = 150 - 45 = 105,
    X = 1.5h.

    Jessica, check your 4-18-11,2:45pm post

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  2. sooka my dik

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  3. sook me hary bllz

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  4. slope of the line through A(2, 6) and B(8, -1)?

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  5. a. cost=45+70*2=45+140=$185
    b. $150-$45=$105 $105/$70=1.5 hrs

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