to mrs. sue english essay

I suggest you focus on the purposes of colleges and universities. You can research this topic. Essentially, though, I think you'll find that their purposes are three-fold:

to educate students in the classical sense of being well-rounded educated citizens with a knowledge of the world

to train students to make a living as professionals

to ensure that students know how to research and learn

You could also point out that many people without college educations (much less degrees from Stanford)fill out W-4s, rent apartments, and contract for mortgages and credit cards. This knowledge should be acquired before college. If not, then the individual is responsible for educating him/herself on these basic necessities.

We don't expect universities to teach students to cook, drive a car, budget their money, or fill out government forms.

My response:
Ms. Sue, I agree with you, but I have to write my essay based on the question my teacher asked us.

We have to read a specific article and say if we agree with it or not. Then we have to give a specific example of a class offered in college that helps students.

if colleges don't offer that class, then we have to come up with a class and describe what would be taught and students would benefit from it.

Even if you don't agree with my essay, can reread it again and just correct the grammar if you don't mind.

thank you so much for your input and time.

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  1. If I were to devise a class, I'd make it a general business class, similar to one I taught to 9th graders many years ago. It would cover budgets, mortgages, interest rates, comparative shopping, and other common challenges facing all adults.

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    Ms. Sue

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