One way to make online communication more effective

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  1. What is your question?

    Clarity is needed!!

  2. Online communication, what is one way to make it more effective

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    posted by Theresa
  3. I just told you -- make sure EVERYTHING in your communication is clarified, that nothing is left for your readers to guess at.

    One thing you DON'T have in online communication is tone of voice, so what you may intend to be funny could come across as just plain rude. Therefore, your words and sentences need to be as clear and perfect as possible.

  4. How do the components and process of communication apply to the electronic / computer channel?

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    posted by Theresa
  5. OK, I answered the last question. Now it's your turn.

    We'll be waiting to read your ideas.

  6. Answering the first question centers around something else I feel is just as important. Grammar is essential in online communications.

    Look at what you said:
    "One way to make online communication more effective"

    When someone sees this, they are waiting for you to finish your though.

    If I just walked up to you and said, "One way to have fun" in a monotone voice then stood there waiting for you to say something, you would think about how crazy I am.

    Leaving out words, phrases, periods, question marks (ahem), letters in words, commas, and exclamation points makes something confusing. Putting them in the wrong place confuses what you are writing.

    We see it here all the time. I often started ignoring most questions that are not asked well. If they're not going to put in the effort to ask properly, why should I respond? It gives off the idea that they do not really care about the answer. Most of the working world will feel the same way.

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