Thank you very much for your help.
I have some more sentences I'm not sure of.

1) I've been proud of myself when I won the regional competition of judo. I’ve been proud on 24 July when I passed my driving test. Can you say “when I got the highest grade on-not “in” a maths test?

1) I've blamed a friend for breaking a vase. Actually he didn't because the vase had been broken by another friend of mine.
2) Whenever I blame a person, I do it because he or she is bad. (??).
3) Last summer I blamed my best friend for losing the ball we were playing with and then I realized one boy had taken it by mistake.
4) I once broke a glass but I blamed my friend. Since then we have not been friends (are friends?) any more.
5) I'm independent of myself when I go out with my friends or play soccer.
6) I last felt sorry for my father when I broke his glasses. We were playing basketball when the ball I had passed to him hit his head and his glasses fell off (?).
7) I felt sorry when I couldn’t help a friend in need (when he needed help?).
I felt sorry when I blamed a friend even if he didn’t do (hadn’t done) anything wrong.
8) I'm ashamed of myself when I thought my best friend was trying to "steal" my girlfriend. We quarrelled but we eventually made it up.

asked by Mike1
  1. Everything in parentheses is possible.


    posted by SraJMcGin

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