This morning, Jinsu sent a text message to some of his friends. It said Park Jisung is coming to our school. The news became widespread, so many students gathered on the playground to see Park Jisung, the famous soccer player. They were excited to see him. However, Park Jisung didn't show up. Instead Mr. Park Jisung, the math teacher appeared with Jinsu. Some said,"Why did you send the text message?" He said,"It's April Fools' day today." He had sent the text message to trick them on April Fools' Day.

1. A girl was sleeping when her cellphone rang. She woke up and checked the message. She was surprised.

2. A boy was brushing his teeth when he received the text message. He was also surprised to see the news.

3. A boy was having breakfast when he got his friend's text message. He seemed to be excited as well because of Park Jisung's coming to his school.

(Would you check the sentences? Correct errors, please.)

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  1. All are fine. Nice!!

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