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Thanks for your help with the last exercises. But Im still sort of confused with the Superlative stuff.

For the excercises yesterday.

Le film, Inception est le plus interessant au Canada.

The teacher corrected this sentence to:

Inception est le film le plus interessant au Canada.

The other Sentence:

Cécile est la femme la plus jolie au monde.

The teacher corrected this sentence to:

Cécile est la plus jolie femme au monde.

The other sentence:

Henri est l'homme le plus beau au monde.

The teacher corrected this sentence to:

Henri est le plus bel homme au monde.

And the others were right. But Both ways, both the sentences turn out to have the same definition/meaning. I don't really understand why I didn't get them right in the first place.

*Notes on the *SUPERLATIVES* in my text book*

- To say that someone or something has the most of a certain quality compared to all others, use:

L/La/Les + Plus + Adjective

Both the definite article and the adjective agree in gender and in number with the noun they describe. If an adjective follows a noun, its superlative form also follows it. If an adjective precedes a noun, so does its superlative form.

Les singes sont les animaux *les plus intelligents* du Zoo.

The monkeys are the most intelligent animals in the Zoo.

Et la girafe est *le plus grand* animal.

And the giraffe is the tallest animal.

*Notes my teacher gave to me on *SUPERLATIVES*


Le louvre est *le plus grande* musee au monde.

****The stars indicate that its a superlative. And Grande is part of bangs, so it comes before the noun.

BANGS - Beauty, Age, Number, Goodness, Size.

La Jaconde est *le tableau le plus celebre* dans le Louvre.

The noun in this sentence would be tableau. And Celebre is the adjective, but since its not part of *BANGS*, it comes after the noun.

Could you explain to me further about this Sra, and tell me why my excerises had to be changed?

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  1. What your teacher was explaining was that the noun further explains the subject. For example "Le Louvre" might not MEAN a museum to someone unfamiliar with what it is. Le Louvre est "le plus grand musée (museum is masculine so the adjective must be "grand" and not "grande.") You might also hear: Le Louvre est le musée le plus grand. (However with the BANGS, it's usual to put those adjectives in front of the noun.)

    The above examples WITH the noun just clarfies the subject best. Henri = homme / Inception = film / Cécile = femme

    Sra (aka Mme)

    (These are excellent questions!)

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  2. Ok. Thanks:) So basically I just have to watch out for the *adjectives*. If its a Bangs adjective, than it will come before the Noun, and if its not a Bangs adjective, then it will come after the noun.

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  3. true

    Sra (aka Mme)

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