A bomber is flying horizontally over level terrain at a speed of 250 m/s relative to the ground and at an altitude of 3.20 km.

The bombardier releases one bomb. How far does the bomb travel horizontally between its release and its impact on the ground? Ignore the effects of air resistance.

(b) Firing from the people on the ground suddenly incapacitates the bombardier before he can call, "Bombs away!" Consequently, the pilot maintains the plane's original course, altitude, and speed through a storm of flak. Where is the plane relative to the bomb's point of impact when the bomb hits the ground?
behind the bomb
ahead of the bomb
directly above the bomb

(c) The plane has a telescopic bombsight set so that the bomb hits the target seen in the sight at the moment of release. At what angle from the vertical was the bombsight set?

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