can someone help me write questions or sentences using the infinitive form of : 1. supporter
2. épouser
3. exiger

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  1. Just write the sentences in passe compose.

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  2. did you delete my 2 cents??!?

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  3. Bonjour, Maggie. Without knowing what level French you are in, I hesitate to suggest passé composé, l'imparfait, etc. Because you are to use an infinitive, don't forget "aller + infinitive."

    #2. Marie va s'époser avec Jean le samedi prochain. = Marie is going to get married to John next Saturday.

    Note that my example above is a statement, therefore "straight word order." However if you write a question, be sure to use inversion (one of 4 ways to ask a question. For example "Marie va=t=elle s'époser avec Jean le samedi prochain?" = Is Mary going to marry John next Saturday.

    Why don't you try your own sentences and repost for proofreading? Of course you could use a main verb, such as pouvoir, devoir + the infinitive.


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  4. Yes. Since you didn't know the meanings of these verbs, it's obvious you don't know enough French to help this student.

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    Ms. Sue

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