With the formula T=2pi(sqrt)(m/k) how do I determine the experimental value of the spring constant using the information on the table below.

The info that I have on my table is:
Masskg Average time for 10 T(s)T^2(s^2)

0.1 5.05 .505 .255
0.2 7.22 .722 .521
0.3 9.03 .903 .815
0.4 10.1 1.01 1.02
0.5 10.95 1.10 1.20
0.7 13.25 1.33 1.76
0.9 15.30 1.53 2.34
1.2 17.33 1.73 3.00
1.5 19.06 1.91 3.63

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