A can of worms for fishing costs $2.60. There are 20 worms in a can. What is the cost per worm? At this rate, how much would 26 worms cost?

An 11 ounce bag of candy cost $1.99. What is the cost per ounce, rounded to the nearest cent? What is the cost per pound, rounded to the nearest cent?

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  1. I'll do the first problem. You can do the second. I'll be glad to check it for you.

    2.60/20 = $0.13 per worm

    0.13 * 26 = $3.38 for 26 worms

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    Ms. Sue
  2. you take 2.60 and take away the decimal pint to make it 260 then you divide 260 by 20 then put the decimal point in the answer as many spaces were in the original number XD
    so it looks like 260/20=13 then it becomes 0.13

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