Alfredo walked 24 miles in the walk-a-thon. His friend Terence walked 1/3 as many miles. How many miles did Terence walk?
I really don't understand this problem could someone help me.

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  1. Terence walked 1/3 as many miles as Alfredo so you divide 24 with 3. This equals 8. Therefore, Terence walked 8 miles.

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  2. Terence walked 1/3 as far as Alfredo.

    (1/3) * (24/1) = 24/3 = 8 miles

    Check: Terence walked 8 miles. Alfredo walked 24 miles.

    3 times 8 = 24

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    Ms. Sue
  3. Tara swam 5 lap at the pool. Canyon swam 15 laps.
    Canyon swam ____ as many laps as Tara.
    Tara swam _____ as many laps as Canyon.

    I'm having problems with this one. Could someone help and show me how this is done.

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  4. Canyon swam 3 as many laps as tara
    Tara swam 1/3 as many as Canyon

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