Could you please tell me if the first sentence in each paragraph are topic sentences.

The higher the interest rate of credit cards, mortgage or vehicles, the less cash we have in our pockets. When the interest rate of savings is higher that means more money in your pocket. If taking a loan out on something will cost more than it is worth, then the best thing to do is wait until you can afford it. If you do not have the money to buy it, then if at all possible wait until you can afford it. When companies advertise low interest rates people are more tempted to go into debt to buy the item now, but it is ridiculous to pay high interest for anything. Interest rates sometimes determine the amount a buyer can qualify for or if a buyer can qualify at all.

Lower interest rates allow more people to purchase more expensive homes. When interest rates are low it is more likely that the price will go higher. Supply and demand has a lot to do with the price juggling. Home prices tend to go up when interest rates are lower because there are more buyers, but the prices tend to drop when interest rates are higher. The best time to purchase something that has to be financed is when the market is down and the interest rates are not outrageous.

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  1. Yes.

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