Can you please check the following story, especially the part included in brackets.Thank you very much.

1) Someone had stolen a ring from Peter William’s bedroom. Mr William lived on a farm with 6 servants.
2) No one had visited the farm so one of the servants had stolen the ring (it must have been one of the servants/One of the servants must have stolen his ring).
3) Robin asked his servants for a cockerel and a saucepan which had been used for cooking. He put the cockerel on the table and the saucepan over it. 4) He asked the servants to put a thumb on the saucepan when he called their name. (He ordered them to put their thumb on the saucepan when he called/would call their name/s).
5) He said that as soon as the thief put a thumb on the saucepan, the cockerel would crow. He asked for the curtains to be closed and in the dark called out the servants’ names.
6) One by one they walked up to the saucepan, but the cockerel didn’t crow. After they all had finished, he studied their hands one by one.
7) All the servants had a dirty mark on their thumbs from the soot on the bottom of the saucepan except John Tanner.
8) He was afraid to put his thumb on the saucepan because he thought the cockerel would crow. He discovered that John Tanner was the guilty party who had stolen him the ring.

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asked by Mike1
  1. 1. Spell out the word "six."

    2. ... so one of the servants must have stolen his ring.

    3. Delete "which had been used for cooking" -- it's redundant.

    4. names (plural servants - plural names)

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