Math HELP!!!

I don't understand the question and need an asnwer fast!

Two different memberships are available at a discount department store. The Type A membership costs $200 and allows you to enter the store and take 75% off the marked price. The Type B membership costs $50 and allows you to enter the store and pay 62.5% of the marked price.

Type A membership: c = 0.25p + $200
Type B membership: c = 0.625p + $50

How many dollars worth of merchandise would a person have to buy for the cost of the Type A membership to equal the cost of the Type B membership?

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  1. Really? anyone???

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  2. When A = B,
    0.25p + 200 = 0.625p + 50,
    0.25p - 0.625p = 50 - 200,
    -0.375p = -150,
    P = $400.

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  3. The booster club sold tickets to a high school basketball game. They sold 700 student tickets and 500 general admission tickets, and raised a total of $5000. The combined cost of one student ticket and one general admission ticket was $8.

    The equations and graph below can be used to determine how much each ticket type cost, where s represents the cost of one student ticket and g represents the cost of one general admission ticket.

    Total ticket sales: 700s + 500g = $5000
    Total cost for one student and one general admission ticket: s + g = 8

    What was the price, in dollars, of a general admission ticket?

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