One other question that I am really not 100% sure on:

how do I draw the electron-dot structure for: CHClO.

I "think" that CHClO is a trigonal planar molecule, with the central atom being carbon. Is this correct?

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  1. The least electronegative element usually is the central element. However, it can't be H (in the rules). So I think C is correct for the central element. I also think it is trigonal planar. I would think it would look something like this.
    That is three regions of high electron density which makes it trigonal planar.

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  2. H
    with four dots on the O and 6 added to the Cl. You should have 18 electrons total.

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  3. is trigonal planar bent though? or would it basically look just as you have it, but with 2electrons on top of the "O" & 2 on the bottom of it? & then 6/3pairs of electrons around the "Cl".

    or...being as how these structures are way too hard to type out:

    the "Carbon" would be the central atom with the "Oxygen" sticking straight up above it with one pair of electrons on either side of it (to the right & left) & then the "Hydrogen" atom & the "Chlorine" atom being singly bonded to the "Carbon" & both arranged under the "Carbon" like an upside-down "V"-shape???

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  4. I tried drawing as this & it turned out to be correct. Thank you very much!

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  5. Trigonal planar is a triangle.
    &nbsp /___\

    with C in the center of the triangle (in the plane of the paper) and bonds from the center to each corner. 1 bond to H at one corner, 1 bond to Cl at another corner and 2 bonds to O at the remaining corner.

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  6. Also remember that the bond angles are at 120 degrees. and a hybridization of sp^2

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  7. Cl-C-H

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