Dennis has a problem. He went to school, which is 12 blocks @60 degrees celcius away from home. then he went to the intramural scrimmage at Dumbbell Hight football field, 14 blocks @ (7pie/4)from school. Then he had a study date with aula, and her house is -12 blocks x from the football field. The library they studied at is 11 blocks Y from Paula's. Aftger studying, the went to go see a romantic comedy at the movie theatre, -8.5x - 8.5y from the library. paula's Dad is the protective kind, so her parents picked Paula up at the theatre. Dennis will run out of gas 5 blocks away from the theatre according to his hightech gas gauge. If that happens, can Dennis make it home on these weird city streets (assume Dennis can travel in any direction)? If yes, what direction does Dennis need to travel in from the movies? If no, how close can he get to home?
Note: there are (2pie/360 degrees).

I assume the @60 degrees celcius is a typo. Add the X components of all travel, then the Y components. That is the final position. Reverse the direction to get home.

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