I am supposed to write whether these sentences are conceptual or practical; However, I have a feeling that some of them are wrong because they all started to run together. PLEASE HELP!

Practical goal: You have a specific action in mind and try to convince your audience members to change their beliefs about something

Conceptual goal: You want your audience members to change their beliefs about something.

1. This document describes the events that led to Mr. Smith’s dismissal.-Practical

2. Of our cost-cutting options, renegotiating our lease agreements for the airplane fleet would save the company more than the next three options combined.-Conceptual

3. Our investigation shows that security costs have risen in four of the past five years.-Practical

4. Well-fitting footwear can reduce the circulation problems that lead to struggles with balance.-Practical

5. Bander hedge trimmers are more powerful but less expensive than comparable models; therefore, they represent your best buy in the market.-Practical

6. Our Software helps you save money, time and effort—for most busy executives, it’s like winning the Trifecta.-Practical

7. Repainting your garage door every third year protects it from weather related rust.-Practical

8. The following table summarizes the results of the most recent customer satisfaction survey.-Conceptual

9. Demographic data predicts a drop in school-aged children in the next decade; therefore, school construction is too risky at this time.-Conceptual

10. Creating a dog park on company grounds would benefit the company in several ways.-Practical

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  1. I disagree with your answers for 4, 6, 8, and 10.

    #s 5 and 9 are strange. The first clause is practical (facts), but the second clause is conceptual (trying to persuade). Hmmm! I guess you have to call them both conceptual because they are not 100% factual.

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