can someone explainwhy training and education are vital in health care and the importance of measuring
an is there a Description of the process for tracking and evaluating training effectiveness ?

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  1. What do you think would happen if people who work in hospitals or doctors' offices or other health care places were uneducated and incompetent?

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  2. that they wouldnt know what they are doing and instead of helping they be doing the opposite , i undertand that part and i need a 700 word paper and i got 350 but i don't understand what they mean by the descriptiopn of the process... is that like what needs to be done before hiring?

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  3. Before hiring anyone for various positions, what would you want to know?

    ~ What education and training they've had? What their grades were? Did they complete the courses and earn a diploma or certificate? At what school? An accredited one? or a fly-by-night no-name school?

    ~ How are their language (English and any other languages) skills? Are they fluent in one or two or more languages? (Fluent means able to read, write, speak, and understand at a high skill level, including the specialty vocabulary needed for the position.) How will you tell? Will you test them? Written and oral tests? What will the "passing" grade be?* (I hope it's not 60%!!)

    ~ How are their other skills, as related to the particular job? Math skills? Science knowledge? How will you measure? What is the "passing" grade?


    *When my son was in 7th grade and beginning a course in photography, his teacher had demos and tests and more demos and more tests for the first 9 weeks before any kids were allowed to touch a camera or enlarger or any classroom supplies. And the passing grade on all those quizzes was 95%. Given the chemicals used and the expensive equipment, could the teacher have afforded even 80% as a passing grade?

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  4. ok thank you now i understand thanks, and to answer your "case scenario" no the teacher couldn't afford it because if the kid messed it up that would be wasting money and he had to make sure that everyone knew EXACTLY what they were doing ! thanks! :)

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  5. You're very welcome!

    (He also couldn't afford to let any child get hurt by misusing any of the chemicals or equipment. I was always very grateful to him for that. My son learned a great deal of carefulness in that class!)

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