Laura want to purchase 4 shirts and 3 hat the cost of each shirt at Wm is$15.20.the cost of the hat at Wm is $5.200 the cost of the same shirt at Sm is 5 percent more than the cost at Wm the cost of the same hat at Sm is 2 percent more than the cost at Wm what is the amount Laura save by buying at Wm? show work to haw you solved it please

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  1. 4 * 15.20 = 60.80 cost of shirts at Wm

    1.05 * 60.80 = 63.84 cost of shirts at Sm

    3 * 5.20 = 15.60 cost of hats at Wm

    1.02 * 15.60 = 15.91 cost of hats at SM

    Take it from there.

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    Ms. Sue

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