Physics (please help!!!!)

A man standing on a frictionless ice throws a boomerang which returns to him. Asuuming that the boomerang can only move in a a circular path, choose the correct statement:
A)Since the momentum of the man-boomerang system is conserved, the man will ocme to rest holding the boomerang at the same location from which he threw it.

B)It is impossible for the man to throw the boomerang in this situation.

C)The total momentum of the man-boomerang systems is not conserved, so the man will be sliding backwards holding the boomerang after he catches it.

D) It is impossible for the man to throw the boomerang, but because he is standing in a frictionless ice when he throws it, the boomerang will not return to him.

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  1. प्रकाश विधुत समीकरण

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