chemistry - heat absorption (help)

When a vehicle is parked in the sunlight on a hot summer day, the temperature inside can approach 55°C. One company has patented a non-CFC propelled aerosol that can be sprayed inside a vehicle to reduce the temperature to 25°C within seconds. The spray contains a mixture of two liquids: 10% ethanol, C2H5OH, and 90% water by mass.
equation: C2H5OH + H2O = 2CO2 + 6H2
1.0 g of the aerosol is sprayed into a hot vehicle. How much heat (in kJ) can be absorbed due to vaporization of the aerosol? Note: ΔHvap of water = 44.0 kJ/mol and ΔHvap of ethanol = 38.56 kJ/mol

i used the deltaH = n(deltaHx)
and then found the molar mass, and thereafter i am stuck
please help!c

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  1. moles ethanol = 0.1/46 = ??
    heat absorbed = ?? x 38.58 = z kJ

    moles H2O = 0.9/18 = xx
    heat absorbed = xx x 44 = y kJ

    Total heat absorbed = 2.284 kJ according to my calculation but you need to confirm that.

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