For a molecule of fluorous acid, the atoms are arranged as HOFO.

What is the formal charge on each of the atoms? Enter the formal charges in the same order as the atoms are listed.

For this question I tried entering:

+1,-2,+3,-2 and it was was:

what should be the correct form if these are both wrong?!

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  1. HOFO.
    H is 0
    O is 0
    F is +1
    O is -1

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  2. Some things to remember about formal charges. +3 is MOST uncommon so do a reality check to make sure you did it right.
    Second point. How did you come up with these numbers. Here is a site to help you with formal charges. Let me know if I can help. This site, I think, makes it far to complicated. I think there is an easier way to do it. But take a look at it, anyway.

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  3. Here is a site that I think is a little simpler at explaining formal charges.

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  4. hmmm, how is that possible? I calculated it to be 0, 0, 0, 0. Just to make sure, H is singly bonded to oxygen which is singly bonded to fluorine, which is double bonded to oxygen, right?

    Hmm, can you explain?

    FC = valence e - lone pair e- 1/2bonded e.

    FC for hydrogen = 1-0-1 = 0
    FC for oxygen = 6-4-2 = 0
    FC for fluorine = 7-4-3=0
    FC for oxygen = 6-4-2=0

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  5. NVM! I violated an octet rule! hah!. DrBob, you're rite

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  6. lpuvks drle guvrfb lgvyam zeckh rdegxkzq wdapoktun

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