A man flies a kite with a 100 foot string. the angle of a string is 52 degrees. how length off the ground is the kite?

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  1. We want to view this as a triangle:

    ......x <--- lets say this is the kite

    angle to kite = 52 degrees
    ............. ground

    So you know the hypotenuse of this triangle is 100 ft. We want to find out the height. I don't know if you've been taught these acronyms: SOH CAH TOA. Most people have I'll refer to this. Out of these the only one you can use is SOH because opposite the hypotenuse is the height which is what you want to find. So fill in the values:

    Sin52 = opposite/100
    0.78 (about) = opposite/100
    0.78*100 = opposite
    78 feet = opposite

    So the kite is about 78 feet above the ground. If you multiply the actual sin value (with all the decimals) with 100 you're get a more accurate result. I just don't have a calculator handy.

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