Hi - I need help with the following questions:

Julie dissolved 20 g of sugar in a cup of water. The mass of the solution was 500 g.

What volume (mL) of water did Julie start with?

How did you determine the starting volume of water?

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  1. The density of the pure water she started with is 1.000 g/ml.

    Divide water mass (480 g) by density to get volume, which in this case would 480 ml.

    That is a very big cup! More like two.. a Starbuck's Grande

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  2. Thank you for this information.

    Can you give me the formulas involved so I know how you got the answer?

    It seems like the water mass was the mass of the solution minus the solute or 500-20 = 480. But how did you get the density of water = 1.000 g/ml?

    These formulas would be helpful. Thanks again!

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