Quotations and commas

It seems as though I have forgotten where to put commas when I'm listing and using quotations...

Would it be...

I see words that refer to “planning”, “listing”, and “outlining”, which are sequential related.


I see words that refer to “planning,” “listing,” and “outlining,” which are sequential related.

Do the commas go within the quoations or outside the quoations?

I have always been taught the commas go inside the quotations. Let me show an example;

I am so glad said the girl


"I am so glad," said the girl.

We reviewed today in class they go inside; that's what I've always learned and see in books.

Right, so have I... I just wasn't sure because it was a list, and not a quote to what someone was saying...

Thanks to the both of you :)

Whether it's a list or dialogue, the commas go inside the quotations.


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  1. nonsense

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