Please help me recorrect these two sentences under the rule of puctuating sentences. Or atleast give me an idea of how are they suppost to sound.

(1) When the garage door was closed.

My answer:The day that i had forgotton my house key was when the garage door was closed.

(2)Friday nights at the diner were always busy, I prefer the activity.

My answer: On friday nights at the diner is always busy. I prefer to be home doing activities instead.

Those are both good corrections. However, you've changed the meaning of the second sentence. Perhaps you could say -- I like the activity on Friday nights at the diner because its always busy.

So Ms.Sue did you mean that i can leave number 9 how i wrote it.

Under the rule of puctuating sentences.

(1) When the garage door was closed.


Yes. The sentence you wrote is fine. :-)

how do u spell enviorment


i don't get it!!

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