1). Assume the following:

-the house has 2,000 square feet

-80,000 BTU's of heat per sq. foot are required to heat the house for winter.

-Natural gas is available at a cost of $5.00 per thousand cubic feet.

-One cubic foot of natural gas supplies 1,000 BTUs of heat energy

-The furnace in the house is 80% energy efficient.

a). Calculate the number of cubic feet of natural gas required to heat the home for one winter.

This is my work: 2,000 x 80,000= 160,000,000 BTUs needed total. But it's only 80% energy efficient so... 160,000,000/.8=200,000 cubic feet. Is this correct?

Then it gets more complicated...

I have to find the cost of heating the house for one winter. So I divided 200,000 cubic feet by 1,000 and got 200. I multiplied that by $5 and got $1, this correct?

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  1. I just completed this question the other day with two of my peers. We got the same answers as you. We also checked the answers on the AP Guidelines and they were correct. So you were right!

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  2. I have just

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