I urgently need you to check these sentences for me. Thank you very much for all.

1) Mary couldn’t afford to go to the cinema last weekend. She decided to take some money from her brother, Ben (without asking him for it).
2) Her best friend doesn’t know whether or not she should tell Ben about it.
3) I personally think her best friend should talk to Mary and tell her that she must return the money.
Mary should tell her brother what she had (has done).
4) Hopefully he will forgive her.
5) Last weekend my fourteen-year-old friend went to a party and smoked a cigarette.
6) I think I should tell his parents (can I use “inform his parent about it, tell on them, squeak on them,?) though I believe that if I do that, Tom might never speak to me again.
7) I think you should tell them because under-age smoking is against the law in Britain. People under the age of sixteen (under sixteen years old) mustn’t smoke.
8) I also think you ought to (should?) talk to Tom and (to) dissuade him from smoking. You should warn him against the danger of smoking. Maybe you needn’t talk (don’t need to talk) to his parents.
9) I think you should talk to his older brother instead. How about talking to his uncle?

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  1. 6) any of those depending upon formal or informal language

    Everything else OK.


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