4. N2+3H2----2Nh3 k=1.2 at a T=375C

you initially have 0.249mol of N2. 3.21*10^-2mol of H2, and 6.42*10^-4 mol of NH3 in a 3.5L container

a.what is the equation to determine the reaction quotient, Q
b.determine the reaction quotient Q
c. compare Q and K. determine which way the equilibrium will shift in the case. write out the new reaction demonstrating which way the shift has occurred
d.if the amount of Nh3 was increased to 6.42*10^-3mol, would the reaction shift?explain
e. if the amount of N2 was decreased to .200mol, would the reaction shift?explain.

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  1. The equation for determining the reaction quotient is the same as the equation for Keq. The only difference is that for Krxnquotient the values in the problem are substituted for concns in the Keq expression. The values that are substituted for Keq are the equilibrium values.

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