Earthquake activity didn't play a role in the collapse of _______ civilization.

A. Mycenaean
B. Minoan
C. Egyptian
D. Harappan

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  1. Which of these is NOT in earthquake country?

    Earthquakes in the Mediterranean and Middle East - Academic and ...
    This book examines historical evidence from the last 2000 years to analyse earthquakes in the eastern Mediterranean and Middle East. ...
    (In the book's description, note the geographical areas this book deals with.)

    365 Crete earthquake - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
    The AD 365 Crete earthquake was an undersea earthquake that occurred at about sunrise on 21 July 365 in the Eastern Mediterranean, with an assumed epicentre ...

    If you're not sure where each of these places is, be sure to look up these places here:
    (Scroll down and look at the right; there will be at least one map for each.)

    Mycenae (Minoan civilization and language - predecessor of Mycenaen civilization and language)

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