An advertisement has the best chance for success if it:
is accompanied by loud music and rapid banter.
is above threshold.
contains a single subliminal message.
contains a grouping of words repeated below threshold.

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  1. Try some of the following links for possibilties:;_ylt=A0oGdV4zTYVNkWMAvxRXNyoA;_ylc=X1MDUCMyMTQyMzU3MDg5BF9yAzIEYW8DMQRmcgNtY2FmZWUEZnIyA3NidG4EaG9zdHB2aWQDU2RlR0dVb0dkVEM2cFNWeVNfeFB4UThkUk9mUUowMkZUVE1BQ1k2RwRuX2dwcwMwBG9yaWdpbgNzcnAEcXVlcnkDaG93IGRvZXMgYW4gYWR2ZXJ0aXNlbWVudCBoYXZlIHRoZSBiZXN0IGNoYW5jZSBmb3Igc3VjY2VzcwRzYW8DMQR2dGVzdGlkA1FJMDA3?p=how+does+an+advertisement+have+the+best+chance+for+success&fr2=sb-top&fr=mcafee&type_param=


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  2. is above treshold

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