Match the poison/drug to the effect.
a. curare b. tetanus toxin c. a-bungarotoxin d. strychnine e. botulinum toxin
f. neostigmine

__________ causes spastic paralysis by specifically blocking glycine receptors

__________ causes flaccid paralysis by blocking the release of acetylcholine

__________ causes spastic paralysis by blocking inhibitory synapses in the CNS

__________ a botanical that causes flaccid paralysis by blocking nicotinic Ach (acetylcholine) receptors on postsynaptic cells

__________ is used to improve muscle tone in the skeletal muscles; inhibits acetylcolinesterase and thus prolongs the presence of the neurotransmitter in the synaptic cleft

___________ derived from snake venom, it irreversibly binds to nicotinic receptors on skeletal muscle cells

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