Imagine you are a working mother of 3 children who has experienced inequity in the workplace regarding pay and conditions. Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper supporting the article.

Select 10 words from the spelling list:
maternity, crippling, nexus, inhibit, aggrieved, forfeit, conciliation, arbitration, commision, sector, industry, legislation, entrench, innate and predominant.

Please proofread and help repharse some parts thanks!

My name is Carole Wilson and I am in favour in suppose to the article "Sex discrimination is alive and well in a wokrplace near you" The Age 8/3/2004 Page 13 by Diane Sisley.

I'm a working mother of three who works in the private sector of the nursing industry.

Throughout my wokring life, I've had to forfeit to the innate fact of life that 'unequal pay will occur throughout all sectors and industires and women will have to suffer the crippling effects.'

Just recently I have been trying to conciliate and arbitrate with my employer for a higher commision. The result? Continuing back to my work and accepting the fact of life.

Gender inequity not only inhibits women to expand and develop confidence and skills, but also restrains men to become better parents.

All in all I'm certainly aggrieved and dissapointed by the fact that some people take little or no consideration of this nexus: gender inequality in the wokrplace.

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  1. First of all, please go to one or more of these websites and make absolutely sure you are using each of your given words correctly. You have used most of them incorrectly in what you've written.



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