The bad smell of water containing hydrogen sulfide
can be removed by the action of chlorine. The reaction
H2S(aq) + Cl2(aq)-->2HCl(aq) + S(s)
If the hydrogen sulfide content of contaminated water
is 22 ppm by mass, calculate the amount of Cl2
(in grams) required to remove all the H2S from
2.0 . 10 2+ gallons of water. (1 gallon = 3.785 L.)

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asked by sokun
  1. To quote one of our very good math and science tutors: “You will find here at Jiskha that long series of questions, posted with no evidence of effort or thought by the person posting, will not be answered. We will gladly respond to your future questions in which your thoughts are included.”

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  2. I have removed your other 13 posts. You are welcome to post again, but be sure you include what you know about each question so far and what your SPECIFIC QUESTION is.

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  3. Convert 2.0E2 gallons to grams. Convert 22 ppm to grams S. Then follow the steps in this link.

    posted by DrBob222

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